Historical dimensions, religious practice and methodological considerations

 edited by

Frederick De Jong



A collection of papers presented at the 15th Congress of the Union Européenne des Arabisants et Islamisants (Utrecht/Driebergen, September 13-19, 1990)


Herbert Eisenstein, Sunnite accounts of the subdivisions of the Shīca.

Carmela Baffioni, Traces of "secret sects" in the Rasā'il of the Ikwān al-Ṣafā'.

Gerhard Hoffman, An Ismācīlī/Fatimid stronghold in Iraq? The case of al-Basāsīrī.

Louis Pouzet, Activités ismaéliennes en Syrie aux XII°-XIII°/VI°-VII° siècles.

Monika Gronke, Der Heilige und die Gesellschaft. Soziale und politische Dimensionen der frühen Ṣafawīya.

Bernd Radtke, Between projection and surpression. Some considerations concerning the study of Sufism.

Manuela Marín, The early development of zuhd in al-Andalus.

Momtazur Rahman Tarafdar, Influence of the Natha cult on the growth of Sufism in Bengal.

Butrus Abu-Manneh, Shaykh Ahmed Ziyā'üddīn el-Gümüşhanevi and the Ziyā'i-Khālidī suborder.

Alexander Fodor, Types of Shīcite amulets from Iraq.


Shīca Islam, Sects and Sufism. Historical dimensions, religious practice and methodological considerations, F. de Jong (ed.), Utrecht 1993, 144 pages, 14 plates (ISBN 90-801040-1-9)
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