A Manual for Conversation

Frederick De Jong
Muhaemmaetrehim Sayit
Raeyhanguel Aehmaed


Uyghur is a Turkic language which is predominantly spoken in the People's Republic of China in the Autonomous Uyghur Region Shinjang. Thie English-based manual contains an introduction to the modern Uyghur script and a concise overview of Uyghyur pronunciation. The sentences and phrases, which are thematically arranged, provice the eseentials for comjmunication in a variety of settings. The Uyghur equivalents are given in the Uyghur script and in a latin-script translitaration. Together with the recordings on the accompanying 90‑minute CD-Audio, the manual makes acquisition of basic conversational skills possible.

The choice of words and settings implies that this manual can also be used fruitfully by visitors to Shinjang wishing to communicate with Uyghurs in their own language. An additional tool to this effect is the English-Uyghur vocabulary at the end of the volume.

The separately published "A Grammar of Modern Uyghur" (by Frederick De Jong) is a companion to the Manual.

Uyghur. A Manual for Conversation, Frederick De Jong, Muhaemmaetrehim Sayit and Raeyhanguel Aehmaed, Utrecht 2005, 292 pages and CD-Audio
(ISBN-10 9080104078 and ISBN-13 9789080104075)
Price 43.50



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